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What do I need to look for to know if I’m picking the right trailer for my boat?

We have trailers for pontoons for boats and jet skis.
Several things; First you need to know how much your boat weighs. The weight listed in the brochure for your boat is almost always a “dry” weight. No fuel, gear, and depending on whether the boat is an outboard or an inboard outboard, the brochure weight may or may not include the engine weight. Get the weight of the boat, motor, add fuel (6.5 lbs per gallon is a good average) batteries, gear, etc., then add another 5 to 10% for gear depending on how you load the boat when trailering. This total is your ‘wet’ weight. Make sure the trailers capacity meets or exceeds the wet weight.

Next make sure the length of the trailer is adequate to carry your boat with the entire hull supported. Choose whether you want bunk or roller and then decide on whether you want galvanized or painted. EZ Loaders also come in a variety of widths, this may also be worth looking into depending on the width of your boat, and the width of garage door it has to go through. Call us to get the specific width if needed.

EZ Loader’s model numbers depict the maximum length and weight of the boat it will support. As an example, a EZ 17-20 3100 will carry from 17 to 20 feet of boat and up to 3,100 pounds of boat. If your boat has a bow pulpit, you will want to make sure the trailer is long enough to keep the bow pulpit from contacting the towing vehicle.

The next thing is to choose the material the trailer is made out of. Do I need aluminum or galvanized steel? Some brands sell painted trailers but we do not recommend them because they will eventually rust. Galvanized steel prevents rust and is less expensive than aluminum. Aluminum looks the best, doesn’t rust, but is more expensive. If great looks are what you are after, you want aluminum. If getting a better deal is more important, the galvanized will work for you just fine.

The last thing to decide is whether you want a bunk trailer or a roller trailer. In our area, almost everyone goes with a bunk trailer. If you aren’t sure, go with the bunk trailer. This can vary by region but unless you have experience with a roller trailer or dealing with short launch ramps, a roller trailer isn’t needed or necessary.

Also, if you have any other questions, just call us and we can guide you along the way. (704) 892-0161 or
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