Exporting from the USA, Boats, Cars and other cool stuff


We are based in the USA, close to Charlotte. We have sourced and sent boats and other things all over the world, South Africa, Europe, Australia and even a special place call Bora Bora



Please feel free to contact us about any thing you see on the site. We specialise in Exporting Boats from the USA. Also selling locally in South Africa and the USA



We can source what you need locally and internationally.
If you have something that you need shipped let us know. From Boats to cars we can find it. We normally charge a handling fee

Exporting from the USA

Wher-rena Boatland has plenty of experience exporting boats out of the United States. We specialize in Australia, Africa, Europe and South America but have shipped all over the world. If you are interested in a boat we have for sale or would like us to find you a boat, check it over and ship it to you, we are here to help. Our international salesperson is Barry Stevens. Call or email for more information. 

Even if it’s not in stock, we can find it for you and make sure it’s as described before it ships. 
We have certified mechanics and a full service department to make sure you get a quality boat.

Our Boat shipped to Bora Bora.

Our Boat shipped to Vaal Dam South Africa.

Our Jet Boat shipped to Durban South Africa.

Let us help you find it in the usa and export it.

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